The State recently decided to increase the territorial continuity aid for overseas residents, including those of Saint-Martin, in the face of rising airfares. This measure aims to facilitate travel to France for Ultramarines and to support their professional and social integration.

A revaluation of the aids for all the devices

The increase in territorial continuity aid, managed by LADOM (the Overseas Agency for Mobility), concerns all the schemes offered by the agency. These include the mobility scheme for the general public, the scheme for specific groups such as young sports hopefuls, cultural players, doctoral and post-doctoral students, and the scheme for bereaved families.

Amounts of assistance adapted to the territory

The amount of assistance, valid for a return flight, varies according to the territory of residence of the recipients. For residents of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the amount of aid is now €495. For the other overseas territories, the amounts are as follows: €340 for Guadeloupe and Martinique, €390 for French Guiana, €475 for Reunion and €535 for Mayotte.

Support for the mobility of overseas residents

With this increase, the territorial continuity aid now represents nearly 50% of the average price of a plane ticket. This measure should make it easier for the poorest Ultramarines to travel to mainland France and promote their professional and social integration by allowing easier access to training and jobs in mainland France.

The increase in territorial continuity aid for residents of Saint-Martin and other overseas territories is an important measure to support the mobility of overseas residents. By facilitating travel to mainland France, this assistance should contribute to the social and professional development of overseas residents.