Saint-Martin is setting up a new economic scheme, “GREEN’UP”, to support and develop sustainable agriculture on its territory. The Territorial Plan for Sustainable Agriculture (PTAD) was approved by the Territorial Council in July 2021 and adopted by prefectural order in October 2021. The PTAD aims to encourage and promote quality local agriculture, strengthen technical and financial support, ensure access to and preservation of natural resources, and improve the social, economic, ecological and health performance of farms.

The device aims to support the evolution of agricultural practices that respect the environment and animal welfare, to improve the performance of farms and contribute to the development of local products, short circuits and direct sales. The Executive Council adopted this new scheme to support investment in the agricultural sector and rural areas at its meeting of March 9, 2023.

The expenses eligible for financial support from the Collectivity are, among others, the construction and modernization of farms, investments in effluent and waste management, water collection and storage, protection against climatic and seismic hazards, the development of short circuits and resource-saving agro-environmental practices. The investment aid takes the form of a grant of up to 70% of eligible expenses, with a maximum grant of 50,000 euros for the year 2023 over 2 years.

The annual cost of the “GREEN’UP” system for the finances of the Collectivity is estimated at 300 000 euros. This system is consistent with existing measures, respecting the dividing lines and providing financial support for needs not covered by these measures that are below the funding thresholds.

The initiative is an important step for Sint Maarten, as it demonstrates the territory’s commitment to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. By supporting local farmers and promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices, Sint Maarten is contributing to the preservation of its natural resources and the development of a resilient and sustainable local economy.

“GREEN’UP” encourages short circuits and direct sales, thus creating opportunities for local farmers while offering consumers fresh and quality products. This also promotes the development of a circular economy, where products are consumed close to where they are produced, reducing carbon emissions from transportation.

By supporting investments in sustainable agriculture projects, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin is showing that it is willing to take concrete steps to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and preserve its unique natural environment. The scheme is a concrete example of how public policy can contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic development.

To learn more about the “GREEN’UP” scheme and the opportunities it offers to farmers in Saint-Martin, please visit the official website of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin (