Pelikaan Brewery – The Authentic Craft Brewery of Sint Maarten

Discover Pelikaan Brewery, a true institution in Sint Maarten that will delight craft beer enthusiasts and curious visitors in search of local flavors.

Founded in 2015 by Frenchman Stephen Winkel and Argentinean Nicolas Carlini, two passionate beer lovers, this brewery has made it its mission to showcase the island’s taste treasures through authentic and flavorful beers.

At Pelikaan Brewery, each beer is carefully crafted using quality ingredients and traditional know-how. The master brewers select the finest hops and malts to create unique and varied beers with rich aromas. Among the must-tries, discover “Mullet Bay”, a refreshing blonde beer, “Mont Careta”, a dark beer with notes of coconut, dark chocolate, and coffee, and “Irma Pale Ale”, an IPA with hoppy and bitter flavors.

By visiting Pelikaan Brewery, you will have the opportunity to take a guided tour to explore the behind-the-scenes production and uncover the secrets of making these exceptional beers.

Enjoy a commented tasting to deepen your knowledge of the brewing process and the various stages of creating these delicious beers.

After the tour, relax in the friendly atmosphere of the adjoining bar and savor the freshly brewed beers, accompanied by delicious local snacks. The warm and authentic setting of the bar is ideal for sharing a pleasant moment with friends or family.

Pelikaan Brewery is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

To book a guided tour or for any other request, contact the brewery at +590 690 12 34 57 or by email at

During your stay in Sint Maarten, don’t miss the chance to visit Pelikaan Brewery for a flavorful and discovery-filled experience.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of this iconic island brewery and let yourself be seduced by the diversity and authenticity of its creations.

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3W Wellsburg Street #7, Cole Bay, SInt Maarten

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