Marigot Hospital: Louis Constant Fleming

Welcome to the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital of Saint-Martin! Located in Concordia, 97150 Saint Martin, this public hospital offers a wide range of medical services and quality care to meet your needs.

Upon your arrival at the main entrance, you will find several essential services such as the Management of the Establishment, the Entrance Office for administrative formalities, the Nursing and Medical-Technical Service, the Social Service and the Outpatient Department. Outpatient consultations are available by appointment only.

The facility’s specialty consultations include anesthesia, visceral and reconstructive surgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, infectious disease, comprehensive medicine, pediatrics, medication compliance, and midwifery services, among others. Birth preparation is also offered with three sessions per week.

In addition to these internal services, the hospital welcomes outside specialists for consultations in pediatric visceral and orthopedic surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, adult and pediatric neurology, oncology, otolaryngology, urology and nephrology.

The Louis Constant Fleming Hospital is also involved in public health missions such as the Transmissible Diseases Screening and Care Unit, the Sexually Transmitted Infections Information, Screening and Diagnosis Center, the Therapeutic Education and Patient Support Consultations, the Anti-Tuberculosis Committee, vaccinations and consultations for the French Office for Immigration and Integration.

On the “Garden Floor” of the hospital, you will also find the Economic Service, the Financial Service, the Human Resources Office, the Computer Service and the Medical Information Department, the Pharmacy, the Laundry, the Kitchen and the Staff Self-service, the Technical Services and the Board Room.

The dedicated and competent team is there to offer you a warm welcome and quality care. We look forward to welcoming you to the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital in Saint-Martin.

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BP 381 - Spring Concordia, 97150 Saint-Martin

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